Monday, 23 May 2011

We Continue

    While this is late I felt the need to post it. School continues to be a roller coaster while elsewhere my mind lurks to far away dates. I've begun purchasing a variety of theater related texts and plays. Waiting for Godot, tomes on method acting. All for the upcoming challenge, the First Disc Boss as it were, an audition. to be specific an audition to the Grand's high school project. While certainly not this years for a prior theatrical obligation forbids me. But, next year I will be trained and ready. I'll use the Grand's productions to gain knoledge so that when I finally come down to the "Final Challenge", I will be ready. For I now know that I must join the National Theater School.  If not there then Ryerson, though I'd love to work there. Why should you care about any of this though? Why should I even care? Since we must go on and have some ambition in life, that's why.